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Information about our most recent feature releases and upgrades to Semble

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This page will soon be removed, please see this page for information on what's coming and what has been released already.


Semble is always improving its service and adding new features to help your practice run smoothly.

Select a feature from the list below to learn more about it:

For a list of updates released less recently, see the Releases and Update Archive.

SMS: Increased character limit

Added October 2022

You are now able to add more text to your SMSs as the character limit has been increased. You can now send up to 10 SMSs of 160 characters each. At the bottom of the template the counter will indicate how many you have used/have left.

Payment links on invoices

Added October 2022

You are now able to add a payment link to every invoice you send out, so patients can easily click on a link and make payment. As soon as payment is completed Semble will automatically update their invoice in their patient file to "Paid".

For more info on this please click here

Additional API functionality

Added October 2022

Public API users can now create a full consultation note for a patient. This consists of sending unstructured free text entries and structured allergy entries. Please click here for our API documentation, the screenshots below identify the changes within the documentation that have been added.


More info here


Letter improvements

Added September 2022

'Redo/Undo' buttons:

You are now able to use the "Redo/Undo" buttons when writing letters.

Toolbar always visible:

When writing letters, the toolbar no longer moves upwards if you scroll, this will now remain frozen and always visible, not matter how long your letter is.

'Prescribed Drugs' Report

Added August 2022

You can now generate a more detailed 'Prescribed drugs' report from the Analytics page in Semble, details such as dosage, duration, quantity and another have been added:


Cancellation Email and SMS Templates

Added August 2022

Alongside confirmations and reminders, you can now set up automated cancellation emails and SMS messages for bookings. Create your own custom templates from the SMS and email templates tab in Settings:

For more information, see here.

Repeat Prescriptions

Added August 2022

With Semble, you can now add repeat prescriptions and medications to consultation notes, and send them to a partner pharmacy as an e-prescription:

For more information, see here.

2FA User Tags

Added August 2022

When a user has successfully set up two-factor authentication (2FA), their account now displays the '2FA ENABLED' tag in the Users tab in Settings:

For information on how to set up 2FA for your user account, see here.

Additional Partner Labs

Added August 2022

There are now additional partner labs who you can link Semble to and upload product lists from:

  • GC Biosciences

  • Phoenix

  • Randox

  • Viva Health Laboratories

For more information on Lab settings and linking your practice to a partner lab, see here.

Updates to Document Sharing

Added June 2022

The sharing function can now be set up with different levels of security for patients and contacts, including two-factor authentication:

For information on how to set up document sharing, see here.

Semble Referral Program

Added May 2022

You can now earn Amazon gift cards when you successfully refer a person in your network to Semble. Sign up to the Semble Referral Program here.

Updates to the Semble Public API

Added April and May 2022

Over the past couple of months, there have been many improvements and updates to our API Reference Library, giving developers more tools to create powerful APIs for your practice.

Here is a list of some of the more noticeable updates:

  • You can now update a patient's phone number using the updatePatientPhoneNumber mutation

  • You can now query and mutate patient relationships (this could be used with external contacts, such as insurers, GPs, etc)

  • You can now search for products with the product query

  • There have been various additions to the query and mutation fields relating to Letters, Products, Practice, Patients, Bookings

Configure SMS Sender Name

Added April 2022

With Semble, you can now configure the sender name from SMS messages sent by your practice, from the General settings page:

For more information, see here.

Mark Labs as Unread

Added April 2022

You can now mark lab results as unread from both the Labs page, and from the patient record:

For more information, see here.


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