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This article is an archive for past feature releases to Semble. For information about the most recent releases and updates to Semble, see here.

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Distinguish Lab Products in Consultation Notes

Added April 2022

From April 2022, when you search for a lab product to add to a consultation note, Semble now displays the lab or item code of the product, making it easier to identify the lab provider:

Note: You must first upload the lab list of the lab provider for their products to appear in the Product list. For information on how to do this, see here.

Multiple Recipients for Letters

Added April 2022

You can now insert automated recipient blocks for letter templates.

When fully set up, these recipient blocks will generate the details of other people into a letter without having to manually type it out.

For information on how to set up this new feature, see here.

Improvements to Contract Pricing

Added March 2022

With contract pricing, you can now link multiple external people and insurers to an adjusted price for a product:

For more information on contract pricing, see here.

More Consultation Diagrams Available

Added March 2022

This month, Semble added more diagrams to the consultation notes library, available for all practices:

For more information on how to set up and insert diagrams into your consultation notes, see here.

Improvements to Xero Integration

Added March 2022

You can now configure products to invoice to a specific Xero account.

For more information, see here.

Note: For a Xero invoice to be correctly processed, all products within the invoice must have the same Xero settings configured for them. Invoices that do not have consistent Xero settings, will default to the account level settings.

Improvements to Healthcode Integration

Added February 2022

Semble now automatically updates the status of Healthcode invoices every 30 minutes. You can still manually update the invoice if needed. For more information, see here.

Submitted invoices can now be viewed on the Logs tab on the patient's record page - useful if you want to check the invoice's status.

Recovering Unsaved Changes from Consultation Notes

Added January 2022

When you create consultation notes for a patient, Semble now automatically saves a draft while you work.

If you lose connection or accidentally close Semble while creating consultation notes, you can find the saved draft by clicking New in the patient's Consultations tab. The saved draft appears, and is marked with an Unsaved changes tag:

Note: Drafts will only appear for the user who was writing them, on the device that they were writing on.

For information on how to create consultation notes, see here.

SMS and Email Confirmations and Reminders

Added December 2021

Semble has improved its automated SMS and email confirmations and reminders feature.

As well as being able to create your own confirmations and reminders, there are now preconfigured system templates available for your practice, on the SMS and email templates settings page:

Reminders can now be set to be delivered any number of hours in advance:

And the content editor has more automated tags to customise your SMS and emails with:

For more information on how to set up confirmations and reminders, see here.

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