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Adding a payment link to invoices
Adding a payment link to invoices

Ask patients to pay via a payment link directly in their invoice

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You are now able to add a payment link to every invoice you send out, so patients can easily click on a link and make payment. As soon as payment is completed Semble will automatically update their invoice in their patient file to "Paid".

Please note that in order to use this feature you will need to be integrated with Payment Services via Semble.

To do this, firstly go to "Settings" then click "Invoice and Payment" then scroll down to "Invoice details" and tick "Enable payment links in invoice" as below:

Now every time you send an invoice to a patient, the payment link will be included as below:

When the patient clicks on the "Pay Now" button, the payment page will open in a new tab:

Once payment is completed, the patient will see the below confirmation page:

If you go back to the invoice in Semble you will see that now that transaction is complete, the invoice is now marked as "Paid" and a "Credit card payment" with the date will appear as below:

You may wish patients to receive a receipt once payment has been confirmed, if so, you will be able to activate email receipts via Payment Services, you will also be able to see this payment reflected on your Payment Services dashboard.

This is an example of what the payment confirmation email will look like:

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