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Theatre list

In this article you will learn how to schedule patients for theatre appointments and generate theatre lists.

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With Semble you can schedule patients for theatre appointments and generate theatre lists.

Note: To create theatre appointments, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Products, Locations, and Users. For more information on roles, see here.

In this article:

Create a theatre appointment procedure

You can create a theatre appointment procedure from the products page

1.Click New.

2.Select the product type: 'Procedure'.

3.Fill out the details of the product. Note: Make sure that the 'This product can be booked in the calendar' box is ticked, as well as 'This is a theatre appointment.'

4.Click Save.

The product appears in the Products page.

Note: Before you attempt to make a booking with that product you must first link the product to at least one clinician and location. For further information, please read this article.

Add an anaesthetist to the theatre appointment

Create the contact who will participate in the theatre appointment from the Contacts page.

1.Go to Contacts and click New in the top left-hand corner.

2.Fill out the Basic details of the contact. Make sure that the 'Medical clinican' box is ticked, as well as 'Anaesthetist.'

Create your theatre appointment

1.Go to Appointments, click New and ensure that you choose a theatre appointment.

2.Use the following dropdown menus to select the basic details of the theatre appointment.

3.Select the patient who you want to make the appointment for. You can also select New patient to create a new patient for the appointment.

4.Select the procedure.

5.Use the following dropdown menus to select the theatre details. Select the anaesthetist.

6.Choose the type of stay.

7.Fill out the details Theatre date and time, Duration and Admission date and time.

8.Fill out the Procedure details.

9.Add any comments and click Save.

Print your theatre list

1.Click on the ellipsis and select Create appointment list.

2.Select the information you want to see on your clinic or theatre list.

3.Click Create list.

If you want to learn more about how to make your theatre list, just click here. It's important to know that theatre appointments are separate from SMS and email templates. This means that you won't receive any confirmation, reminder, or follow-up messages for your theatre appointments.

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