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Semble Pay
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What is Semble Pay?

Semble Pay is our new payment offering, powered by Stripe. It encompasses all our payment features - those that exist today and all future releases - such as in-app refunds and payment terminals.

What you get:

  • Rapid transfer of funds from Stripe to your bank account.

  • Seamless in-app refund process

  • Integrated payment terminals

  • Easy-to-use dashboard

  • Reports on your payouts

Why can’t I access the new payment features with my standard Stripe account?

Over the past five years, Semble has been integrated with Stripe. However, we've received numerous requests for additional features that are not easy for us to implement with the Stripe integrations. To address these needs, we developed Semble Pay, a solution that leverages Stripe's capabilities while providing us with complete end-to-end control. As a result, we've been able to implement refunds, payment terminals, and more within Semble Pay, with even more innovative features on the horizon.

Why can’t existing customers access Semble pay now?

Unlike new customers, existing Semble customers will be switching from their current Stripe account to Semble Pay. This requires a migration of data from your existing Stripe account and this process will be operational very soon.

We’ll be in touch nearer the time to schedule your migration.

If a clinic needs to make a refund to the patient, who pays the transaction fees?

When doing a refund, the clinic can choose how much the patient gets back, for example, if the patient paid £5 but the clinic wants to charge them for the fee incurred upon that initial transaction the clinic can simply decide to only refund £4.50 which means that the clinic has passed the transaction fee of £0.50 onto the patient. It is either the clinic or the patient who will be charged the fee. Semble will keep the fees charged. (Figures used are above fictitious)

Every time a transaction is made a fee is ALWAYS charged. When a refund is made, if the clinic wishes for patients to cover the transaction fee cost, they will need to manually calculate the adjusted refund amount (after deducting the fee). Currently, Semble Pay does not have specific functionality or standardised settings for automating this process.

How much are transaction fees

Please note: All Semble Pay fees are subject to 20% VAT. Percentages and the fixed 20p fee do not include VAT.

  • 1.5% + 20p for standard UK cards

  • 1.9% + 20p for UK premium cards*

  • 2.5% + 20p for EEA cards

  • 3.25% + 20p for international cards

*UK premium cards refer to commercial, corporate, or business cards issued by Visa and Mastercard.


  • Transaction Amount: £45.00

  • Percentage Fee (1.5%): £45.00 * 1.5% = £0.675

  • Fixed Fee: £0.20

  • VAT (20%) on Percentage Fee: £0.675 * 20% = £0.135

  • VAT (20%) on Fixed Fee: £0.20 * 20% = £0.04

Total Fees Including VAT:

  • Percentage Fee + VAT: £0.675 + £0.135 = £0.81

  • Fixed Fee + VAT: £0.20 + £0.04 = £0.24

  • Total Fees: £0.81 + £0.24 = £1.05

Revenue After Fees:

  • £45.00 - £1.05 = £43.95

Pay out timeframe

Pay outs will occur every 3 business days starting from when the first payment is made, however, Semble has full discretion to increase that 3 business days if certain criteria (which Semble outlines) are not met.

Please note that if you make a payment of less than £1 (incl. transaction fees) so for example a £1 transaction will become a £0.74 transaction then you will not receive that payment until a larger transaction is made.

How long does it take for a refund to land back in a patient's account?

This will be the same as it is with Stripe now, this usually takes 5-10 working days to appear on the customer’s statement.

How can I see my payouts?

You can see any money sent to you via the 'Payouts - Semble Pay' report in the Data tab. Here you can see all the transfers from Semble pay as well as the amount, status, destination and date. To see the individual payments and refunds that make up a transfer click on the 'See payout details' after selecting an individual payout.

Please note: payouts are only updated once each day so you may have to wait 24 hours for these to update.

Advanced Funding

Advanced funding refers to a pay out being sent to you sooner than the standard pay out time of 3 business days. This is an automated process which can neither be stopped or initiated. For more information on this please email

Can I refund a charge to avoid paying the dispute fee?

If you issue a full refund on a charge before a dispute happens, your patient can no longer dispute it. This means that you are protected against any future dispute or dispute fee. Once a cardholder initiates a dispute, it is no longer possible to avoid the fee.

Will my patients/clients receive customised receipt with my clinic name on them?

Yes, when your patient/client has made a payment via Semble Pay they will receive a receipt similar to the one below which will include:

  • The practice name as the header

  • The General email as the support email

  • A generic payment icon for the image

  • A generic grey for the brand colours your Clinic name on it "Receipt from "Clinic name".

Semble Pay Terminals

How much does a Semble Pay terminal cost?

£179 + Shipping costs + VAT

Standard delivery (starts from £20) ~ 8 business days, Priority delivery (starts from £35)~ 4 business days - final shipping prices will be calculated at the point of order and will be included in your final invoice, they will vary depending on location, date order is placed and amount of terminals ordered.

These are ordered through Semble, please email for more information on this.

What type of payments do Semble Pay terminals accept?

EMV chip cards

Tap transactions
Contactless cards

Digital/mobile wallets such as Apple Pay,Google Pay

Magstripe cards

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