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Integrating with Semble Pay
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Go to "Settings" then "Integrations" and scroll down until you see "Semble Pay" and click "Connect with Semble Pay".

Please note that if you already have a Stripe account you will still need to create a new Stripe account here. Please note that no disputes/data can or will be pulled over to this new Stripe account.

Enter an email address, (if you have used Stripe in the past, kindly make sure that you do not use the same email address you have used with Stripe in the past), then click "Continue".

N.B. If after you click "Continue" the system asks you for your password, this signals that the email address you are using has been used with Stripe before, please go back one step and use a completely new email address.

You will then be asked for a mobile number:

The next section will deal with basic details for your business:

You will then be asked to verify personal details:

As well as professional details:

Then you will be asked to add your bank account details:

As well as your public details as they will appear for customers:

Finally, you will be asked to review all your details and agree to proceed:

Upon return to Semble, you will see "Disconnect from Semble Pay" which confirms that you have successfully integrated with Semble Pay.

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