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Cancellation Links in Confirmation and Reminder Emails
Cancellation Links in Confirmation and Reminder Emails

How to give patients the option to cancel their booking online from a confirmation or reminder email

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This article is about how you can insert a booking cancellation link into a confirmation or reminder email. For information on how to cancel bookings from the Appointments calendar, see here.

Note: To set up confirmation email and reminders, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for SMS and email templates. For more information on roles, see here.

Insert a Cancellation Link into a Confirmation or Reminder Email

You can insert a cancellation link when creating a new confirmation or reminder email.

Or, you can edit an existing custom confirmation or reminder email at any time from the Settings page:

1. Go to the SMS and email templates tab.

2. Select the custom confirmation or reminder that you want to insert the cancellation link into.

3. Scroll down to the Content section.

4. Click your cursor into the Email content box where you want to insert the cancellation link, then type any lead up to the cancellation link that you want.

5. Click the Cancellation link tag.

6. Click Save at the top of the screen.

Now, when one of the linked products is booked, the confirmation or reminder email is sent to the patient with an option to cancel online:

7. If you have activated the email alert, the system will automatically send a cancellation notification email to that email address below.

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