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Book an Appointment Pathway
Book an Appointment Pathway

How to book a configured appointment pathway

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With Semble, you can create a booking which includes multiple different appointment types. This is useful if you have a patient who is going through a long term medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

This article is for how to book an appointment pathway. For information on how to set up an appointment pathway, see here.

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Before you attempt to book an appointment pathway, your practice must have the appointment pathway fully set up:

Book an Appointment Pathway

You can book an appointment pathway from the Appointments page.

Note: Before you attempt to book an appointment pathway, make sure that all the requirements have been met.

1. Click New in the top left-hand corner.

The New booking window opens.

2. Select the Location and the Practitioner that the appointment pathway is linked to.

3. Go to the Appointment type dropdown and select the appointment pathway:

4. Finish filling in the rest of the New booking window as you normally would.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the New booking window. The appointments involved in that pathway will all appear in the Appointments calendar after the start time of the first appointment:

6. Click and drag the appointments to the times and dates that you want.

The appointment pathway has now been set up. Each appointment involved in the appointment pathway acts as a normal booking.

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