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Submit a Healthcode Invoice
Submit a Healthcode Invoice

Healthcode billing including different service settings and facility billing

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This article is for how to submit a Healthcode invoice in Semble. For information on how to set up the Healthcode integration, see here.

Note: To submit a Healthcode invoice, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Patients and Invoices. For more information on roles, see here.

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Create a Healthcode Invoice

Before you attempt to submit a Healthcode invoice, you must make sure that the patient is linked to a Healthcode insurer and the product has the appropriate codes assigned in Semble. For more information, see here.

You can submit a Healthcode invoice from the Patients page:

1. Select the patient who you want to submit a Healthcode invoice for.

2. Go to the Invoices tab.

3. Click New.

4. Fill out the invoice as you normally would. For more information on invoices, see here.

5. Select the Practitioner that is linked to your Healthcode integration.

6. Go to the Billing section, and select the Healthcode insurer who you want to make the invoice out to.

7. Click Save invoice.

The invoice appears in the patient's Invoices tab. You must now configure the Healthcode invoice.

Configure a Healthcode Invoice

When you have created a Healthcode invoice, you must finish configuring it can be submitted.

1. Go to the Patients page, then select the patient who you created the Healthcode invoice for.

2. Go to the Invoices tab, then select the Healthcode invoice you want to configure.

3. Click the Healthcode configure icon.

4. Use the dropdown menus to configure the invoice.

Note: If your payee provider or provider is a location, you must find out its '600' number, and then contact our Customer Success team so that it can be properly set up in Semble.

5. Click Submit to Healthcode.

The invoice is updated, and displays that it is currently 'Unprocessed':

This means that it is still being processed by Healthcode. If you refresh the page, you this will change to 'Validated', which indicates that this invoice has been successfully sent to Healthcode:

Note: When you submit a Healthcode invoice, you may encounter an error message in the top right-hand corner which will prevent it from being processed by Healthcode. For more information on Healthcode error messages, see here.

Healthcode Invoice Status

When you have successfully created and configured a Healthcode invoice, a status will appear below the invoice name:

For Healthcode invoices, the following statuses may appear:

  • Unprocessed: The invoice has been sent to Healthcode, but has not yet been processed by them

  • Validated: Healthcode have received the invoice

  • Awaiting collection: The invoice is awaiting collection from the insurance company

  • Collected: The invoice has been collected by the insurance company

  • Not Found: The invoice was submitted to Healthcode, we stored the identifier which was used and now when the user accessed it it tried to get an update from Heatlhcode with that identifier but it could be found in their system. You may wish to contact them directly or resubmit.

Note: Semble automatically updates the status of Healthcode invoices every 30 minutes, but you can still manually update the invoice if needed. For more information, see here.

You can view the submitted invoice to see that it has been correctly processed by going to the Logs tab on the patient's record page:

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