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Share your Screen in a Video Consultation
Share your Screen in a Video Consultation

How to screen share during a video consultation

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You or your patient can share your screen during a video consultation. This is useful if you want to explain a diagram or lab result. For information on how to join and generally use video consultations, see here.

Note: You can not share screens from a mobile device, and no more than one person can share their screen at the same time.

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Share your Screen

To share your screen with your patient while in a video consultation:

1. Click the share icon in the video window.

A pop-up box appears.

2. Select the screen, window or tab you wish to share with your patient.

3. Click Share.

Your patient will now be able to see the content on your screen. You can see that your screen share is successful because your portrait is now replaced with your screen share:

Note: Your patient can also share their screen with you by clicking on the sharing icon in their video window, then following the same steps as above:

For more information on video consultations click here.

Stop Sharing your Screen

To stop sharing your screen while in a video call:

1. Click the share icon in the video window:

Your screen stops sharing, and your portrait will turns back to normal.

Note: Patients can stop sharing their screen by following the exact steps as above in their video window:

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