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Using the Microsoft Word Add-In
Using the Microsoft Word Add-In

How to create letter templates and letters using MS Word

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With the Semble Microsoft Word Add-In, you can directly pull patient data into a Microsoft Word (MS Word) document, then upload that document to the patient's record in Semble. For information on how to install this integration, see here.

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Make sure that you have installed and signed into the add-in. For information on how to do this, see here.

The integration is available for versions of MS Word and O365 that are 2016 and later.

Create a Template

When you have installed and signed into the add-in, you can create a Semble template to use for future documents.

1. Open the MS Word document that you want to add the automated patient data to.

2. Click the Semble add-in icon in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click Create template at the bottom of the add-in window.

4. Select whether you want to insert Patient or Contact data into your template.

5. Insert the auto-fields you want by clicking your cursor to the place where you want them inserted, then clicking on one of them from the add-in list.

6. Click Save template when you have inserted all the auto-fields you want.

7. Type a name for the template.

8. Click Save.

The template is added to the add-in window. You can now use this template to create an automated document.

Using a Template

When you have created a template, you can use it to quickly generate patient and contact information for documents:

1. Open a new MS Word document.

2. Click the Semble icon in the top right-hand corner.

3. Select the template that you want to insert.

The pre-written text and auto-fields appear on the document.

4. Type the name of the patient or contact that you want to have information automated for into the search bar, then select them from the list.

The patient or contact's information is inserted into the document.

You can edit the information as you normally would in a MS Word document, or insert more information by clicking on the auto-fields in the add-in window:

You can also upload the document directly to the patient's record in Semble.

Upload a Document to a Patient Record

When you have used a template to create a document, you can then upload it directly to the patient record:

1. Open the Semble add-in.

2. Select the patient who you want to upload a document for.

3. Click Save to patient file.

4. Type a name for the uploaded document.

5. Click Save.

The file is uploaded to the Documents tab in the patient's record.

You can now view and share the document from Semble as you normally would.

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