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How to order a remote testing kit sent directly to the patient

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You may want to order a remote testing kit through TDL (TDL TINIES) which is sent directly to the patient.

To do this, first ensure that Semble is integrated with TDL. For information on how to do this, click here. You must tell your account manager at TDL that you intend on using the TDL TINIES™ feature before you order a remote testing kit through Semble.

Add the TDL testing kit as as a lab product in the 'Products' section, and ensure the supplier 'TDL Tinies' is selected as circled below. Please note that the name and product code inputted here is a dummy product. In the name and product code fields, insert the specific name and product code for the TDL Tinies product you wish to order:

For more information on how to add a product, click here.

Go to the patient record you would like to order this testing kit for. Ensure that your patient has their home address added to their patient record:

To order the lab test from TDL Tinies, click on 'Consultations' and click 'New' to begin a new consultation:

Click the blue 'Product' button and the product box will appear:

Begin typing the TDL testing kit name or the TDL code, select the product from the drop down list and add any other relevant information as necessary:

When you have completed your notes, click 'Save':

To then order the testing kit, click 'Order labs':

This will send off an electronic request to TDL including the patient's address, and once TDL receive this request they will post the sample collection kit directly to the patient.

Your patient will then proceed to the sample collection and send this back to TDL. When TDL have processed the samples, the results will upload into the labs section of the patient record within Semble.

Please note that the patient must have an address on their record, otherwise the following error message will appear when you click 'Order labs':

For further information on the lab feature within Semble, click here.

For further information on TDL TINIES, please refer to the TDL page

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