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Shortcut to your Xero Invoice
Shortcut to your Xero Invoice

How to move viewing an invoice from Semble to Xero

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If your practice has integrated with Xero, when you create a Xero invoice, a shortcut to your Xero is available. A shortcut from Xero back to Semble is also available.

Note: To go to Xero from Semble, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Invoices. For more information on roles, see here.

Shortcut Between Xero and Semble

1. View an invoice that has been linked with Xero.

2. Click the more options icon at the top of the invoice.

3. Select Go to Xero.

Your Xero account opens in a new tab and you are directed to the invoice's record.

To get back to Semble from the Xero invoice, click Go to Semble at the top of the invoice:

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