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Overview of Patients
Overview of Patients

About the Patients page, and how to view a patient record

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This article outlines basic information about the Patients page in Semble. For information on how to create, edit, or delete patients for your practice, see here.

Note: To view the Patients page, or a specific patient record, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you viewing permissions for Patients. For more information on roles, see here.

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View All Patients

You can view all patients registered to your practice from the Patients page:

You can search for a specific patient by typing their name, date of birth, or phone number into the Search bar at the top of the page. You can also type the name of a digital label to filter search results. For more information on labels, see here.

To sort and filter the list of patients further, you can click one of the boxes next to the Search bar and select an option from there.

Patient Summary Overview

The patient Summary is the place where you can view a specific patient's entire record. To view a patient's Summary:

1. Go to the Patients page.

2. Click on the patient who you want to view.

You redirected to the patient's Summary page.

At the top of the page you can see the patient's main details:

  • Basic Information: Name, date of birth, gender, and ID number

  • Label: Any digital labels that have been linked to the patient

  • Access Groups: Any access groups that the patient has been added to

  • Contact Details: Address, contact information, insurance details

Depending on your practice's patient settings, you will also see the patient's history:

The tabs on the left-hand side of the Summary give a closer look at the patient record:

  • Summary: The main page for the patient

  • Consultations: A list of consultation notes taken during appointments.

  • Prescriptions: A list of prescriptions that have been issued to the patient

  • Labs: A list of labs tests issued to the patient

  • Invoices: A list of all the invoices linked to the patient

  • Account statements: The patient's financial account statements

  • Letters: A list of all the letters that have been created and sent for the patient

  • Communications: Send an email or SMS to the patient, and view all previous communications between the patient and your practice

  • Documents: Upload and view documents linked to the patient

  • Logs: A record of all user activity with the patient

Download or Print a Patient Summary

You can print a patient's Summary at any time from the Patients page:

1. Select the patient who you want to print.

2. Click the print icon in the top right-hand corner.

3. Choose whether you want to print a Label or a full Summary.

The document opens in a new tab as a PDF.

4. Download or print the PDF as you normally would.

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