Overview of Labels

Create, and delete digital labels for patients and products

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You can categorise patients and products in Semble with digital labels. This article is about how to create, and delete labels. If you want to assign a label to a patient or product, then see here.

Note: You can only create, and delete labels if you have been assigned a role that gives you editing permissions for Label settings. For more information on roles, see here.

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Create a Label

You can create any number of categories for your patients and products from the Settings page:

1. Go to Label settings.

2. Click Add label.

3. Fill out the label details:

  • Label name

  • Colour: Click the colour picker to link a colour to the label

4. Click the tick icon to confirm.

The label appears in your Label settings tab. You can now categorise patients and products using that label. For more information, see here.

Delete a label

You can delete a label at any time from the Settings page:

1. Go to Label settings.

2. Click the more options icon next to the label that you want to delete.

3. Select Delete.

4. Click Delete in the confirmation window.

The label is deleted from the Label settings tab. All patients and products categorised with that label will no longer have the label appear on their summary page.

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