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Export/Send full patient data
Export/Send full patient data
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You may wish to download and/or share directly with a patient or third party all the data in a single patient file directly from within your Semble account.

To do this, you will first need to make sure that your role allows you to do this, if you do not have access to do this, kindly speak to a manager at your clinic:

Once this is done, kindly go to a patient file and click on the ellipsis and then the "Export patient data" button as shown below:

You will then see a yellow notification in the top right hand corner as below:

Click "Documents" then navigate to the ellipsis on the file you wish to send:

Click the ellipsis and then either "Share" or "Email" as you prefer with the patient or the third party:

They will receive a file which will contain all the data in that patient file which looks similar to the below, the contents of the file cannot be customised:

Please note the file will not contain:

  • Prescriptions- the only record of a patient's prescriptions can be found within the consultation notes. If recorded within a consultation note.

  • Logs

  • Patient communications

  • Hospital booking forms

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