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Log of updates made to Semble Data

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Since the initial launch of Semble Data, we've received a huge amount of valuable feedback. Your insights are instrumental in our ongoing work to give our practices a more powerful data solution. As we progress, this article will show a log of all updates.

Changes from 12/02/2024

New Semble Pay – Payout Report

  • Available to Semble Pay subscribers.

  • Payout Details: When you select a payout row in the report, the ‘See payout details' button will highlight. You can click this button to drill-through and see the specific transactions that make up the selected payout.

Appointments Report:

  • Renamed ‘Price’ column to ‘Appointment Price’

  • Added new column ‘Invoiced Amount’

  • Why? Enable direct comparisons within a single appointment between the amount typically charged for a product and the amount charged on this appointment

Payment Report:

  • Added new column 'Invoice Status’

  • Changed Credit Notes ‘Amount’ to negative when Type = ‘Credit Note’

  • Why? Credit Notes are negative to more accurately represent the impact of the type of payment on your practice’s balance

Contacts Report:

  • Added new column 'Email’

Changes from 20/12/2023

Hyperlink to Related Page:

  • Added column ‘URL’. When clicked, this will open a new page that corresponds to the specific record. If you click on the URL for an invoice, the corresponding invoice page will open.

  • URL is added to the following reports: Invoices, Invoices by Line item, Payments, Refunds, Appointments, Non-Invoiced products, Products catalogue, Patients, Contacts, Letters, Tasks, Users, Medical records, Labs, & Prescribed Drugs.

Payment Report:

  • Added column “Semble pay fee”.

  • Please note this field will only be populated if you are a Semble Pay customer and show the fee from payments after 14/12/2023.

Changes from 19/11/2023

Aged debt:

  • Pre-selected date range to 1/1/2010 to 31/12/2025 ie, the debt across all time.

Non invoiced products:

  • Added Patient ID, name and email.

  • Added Invoiced and marked as billed columns.


  • Changed DNA filter to Status. Now it is possible to filter by cancelled, attended, booked or DNA.

  • Added comments, references and location columns.

  • Changed “Has been billed?” header to “Has been invoiced”.

  • Added column “Marked as billed”.

Products by clinician:

  • Added column sales account.

  • Added Marked as billed column.

Medical Records:

  • Added clinician name and created by columns.

  • Added Marked as billed column and changed billed one to invoiced.


  • Added payment id's.

Prescribed drugs:

  • Added Patient name.


  • Added column sales account for products using non-default Xero settings.

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