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How to manage overpayments?
How to manage overpayments?

This article will suggest you a solution to manage overpayments in your Semble account.

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Note: In order to follow the steps below to manage your overpayments, kindly make you have been assigned a role that gives you editing permissions for Invoices. For more information on roles, see here.

If you have recorded a payment on a client's account which was for more than the invoice amount and now shows as an overpayment on that invoice, we would suggest splitting it over a few invoices.

First, we would suggest editing the original invoice with the overpayment and removing the extra, then creating credit note(s).

The credit note won’t be linked to the invoice so if you wish to ensure the balance has been resolved, we would suggest editing the payment, so it is not overpaid:

Then, kindly raise the credit note or kindly add this as a payment on the account for the patient.

Optional: You can add a note in the comments box to record this process:

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