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Directly send a prescription to a patient or pharmacy
Directly send a prescription to a patient or pharmacy
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You may wish to share or email a prescription with a patient or pharmacy directly. It is always important to note that the main difference between share and email is the level of security. Share is the more secure option. To do this:

Select the patient who you have created a prescription for:

Go to the Prescriptions tab.

Click the more options icon next to the prescription that you want to share.

Select Share or Email.

If you choose to share then you will see the below pop-up. Select the patient name if you wish to share with the patient or Contact to share with a pharmacy:

Type the pharmacy name, this contact must already have been added to your contacts in your account and must have an email address attached to their contact, for more info on how to do this click here.

You will also be able to share/email the prescription when you are in this view by clicking on the arrow as shown below.



An email is sent to the pharmacy/patient. If sent via email to either parties, this will be sent as a PDF attachment. If sent via Share the patient will need to enter their DOB to view it while the contact will just need to click on the text "View document".

The pharmacy/patient can then print or download the prescription from the sharing portal. For information on how to share documents with a patient click here

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