How can I dictate in Semble?

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Semble is compatible with voice recognition of your device.

With Apple Macintosh (Mac)

On a Mac computer, you can turn on the dictation, see below:

Then, you will be able to dictate your letters or medical notes, see below:

With a PC

If you are using a PC, before you set up speech recognition, make sure you have a microphone set up.

1. Select (Start) > Settings > Time & language > Speech.

2. Under Microphone, select the Get started button.

The speech settings menu in Windows 11

3. The Speech wizard window opens, and the setup starts automatically. If the wizard detects issues with your microphone, they will be listed in the wizard dialog box. You can select options in the dialog box to specify an issue and help the wizard solve it.

4. Turn on online speech recognition

Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Speech.

Under Speech recognition, switch the setting to On or Off.

To start using voice typing: press the Windows logo key + H or select the mic button on the touch keyboard.

Once it says 'Listening' you can start to talk.

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