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Two flows for Analytics integrations
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Tracking conversion from Semble Online Booking is critical to your marketing analytics. This can be done in two ways with Semble and will work with any analytics platform such as Google Analytics, Heap, or Mixpanel.

Option 1

This option does not involve any coding. It works by redirecting users to a success page (redirect link to the site you may want to send them to). By tracking users that reach this page you can know those that have converted and users that did not reach that page have not converted.

It's worth noting that this method will work whether you use our hosted page or our iFrame.

You can set up redirection by going to "Settings" then clicking "Online booking" then scrolling down to the "General settings" and inserting the URL in either the "Cancellation redirect link" or the "Confirmation redirect link" field as shown below:

Option 2

This option is a lot more involved technically but offers a lot more flexibility. It should be undertaken by a professional developer who knows how to manually send events to your events tracking platform.

The Semble Online Booking iFrame is designed to emit events and you can write code to listen to these events. Once you detect that an event is triggered, you can choose what data elements you sent to your analytics tools. You can explore a very basic example here.

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