From July 2022, Heydoc will be adopting a new name and visual style: Semble

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General Questions

Why has Heydoc rebranded?

While we are proud of the company and culture we built under the Heydoc name, the time has come to realign our branding with what we stand for.

More than ever, we are dedicated to work alongside healthcare professionals to support them in delivering the best possible care and service to their patients. We believe our upcoming rebrand will express this even more than our current branding.

What does 'Semble' mean?

Our new name takes its roots from the word assemble: to come together in one place for a common purpose. It conveys our ambition to power all healthcare professionals to achieve their purpose of helping others.

What does the logo represent?

The icon is an 'S' for Semble but is also a representation of Florence Nightingale's rose chart which was an inspiration for our overall branding.

How do I login to the new system?

You can login to the new system with the same email and password that you used for Heydoc.

If you use a password manager or auto-fill tool, you will have to add the new system to it.

How does the rebrand impact the system?

While our name and visual identity has changed, rest assured that the way you use the system is still the same.

There will also be a 2 week period where you can use our old version, to ease this transition.

Will I have time to familiarise myself with the new look?

Yes. There will be a 2 week period where you will be able to switch between the old and new systems. After this period has ended, the old system will retire.

Will there be any technical changes that I will have to make to access the new system?

If your practice has security measures in place that regulate network traffic, then you may need to make some changes. See the technical questions below for more information.

Technical Questions

What are your new email addresses?

Our new email addresses are:

What changes might I have to make to accommodate your new website address?

You may need to update your network whitelisting with the new domain name: . The old domain name ( will continue to operate until Thursday 21st of July, allowing time to update any systems and test the new site.

If you use SFTP to upload lab results then you will need to update the URL to:

Please contact your IT team if you are unsure about any of the above.

Will there be any changes to the public API?

The current API endpoints will continue to work for a period after launch while we ensure all clients make the required updates. We will be in touch with details of the new API endpoints post-launch.

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