This article is for clinicians and medical secretaries who want to learn how to get the best experience with the Semble Microsoft Word (MS Word) add-in. For general information on how to use the add-in, see here.

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Using Frames instead of Text Boxes

You cannot currently insert auto-fields into MS Word text boxes. Instead, you can insert auto-fields into MS Word frames.

To insert frames, you must first activate the Developer ribbon for MS Word. See the following links to find out how to activate the Developer ribbon on your device:

When you have activated the Developer ribbon, you can insert frames for your auto-fields:

1. Select the Developer tab.

2. Click the Legacy Tools icon.

3. Select Insert frame, then click and drag your cursor over the page as you normally would when creating a text box.

You can then insert auto-fields into these frames and create Semble templates as you normally would. For general information on how to use the MS Word add-in, see here.

You can also format a text frame by following the steps below.

Format a Text Frame

If you have inserted text frames into your MS Word document, you can apply formatting (such as border shading, and colour fill) to them:

1. Hover your cursor on the edge of the frame until it turns into a cross-directional icon, then right-click.

2. Select either Borders and Shading or Format Frame.

3. Use the menus to apply the formatting you want.

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