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Create a Lab as a Product

How to create your own labs as a bookable product

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This article is about how you can create your own lab procedures as bookable products for your practice. If you want to upload lab products from integrated lab partners, then see here.

Note: To create lab products, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Products and Labs. For more information on roles, see here.

Create a Lab as a Product

You can create a lab procedure at any time from the Products page:

1. Click New.

2. Open the Type dropdown menu and select Lab.

3. Fill in the compulsory details of the lab.

  • Name

  • Price: How much your practice will charge patients for the product

4. Fill in the other details of the lab, some field are optional. If you are integrated with a Lab please ensure Product Code and Supplier has been inputted

  • Product code: Give the lab a unique product code

  • Serial number: Enter the serial number of the product

  • Supplier: If the lab is being externally sourced, then choose the supplier from the dropdown menu

  • Stock level: Enter how many of the lab tests you have available

  • Tax: Choose a tax rate from the dropdown menu

  • Cost: Enter how much the lab test costs your practice to supply

  • Comments: Type any comments about the lab test into the box

7. (Optional) Choose the Confirmation and Reminders that you want linked to the lab. For more information, see here.

8. (Optional) Click Add contract pricing to set up alternate pricing with insurers. For more information, see here.

9. Click Save.

The lab procedure appears on the Products page and can now be requested as a lab

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