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Receiving Documents
Receiving Documents

How to open and download documents sent to you by your practice

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This article is for patients and customers of a healthcare practice who want to learn how to receive documents sent to them from Semble.

Note: You can not open documents using Internet Explorer. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox instead.

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View a Shared Document

When a clinician or administrator shares a document, you will receive an email like this:

To view the document:

1. Click View document. A new tab opens which takes you to the secure sharing portal. Note: This link will expire after 24 hours. After 24 hours you must request another link from the practice.

2. Enter your birthday and, if applicable, the security code sent to your mobile. Note: Depending on the security settings set by the practice, you may or may not have to enter a security code.

3. Click Log in.

4. Click View on the document you want to view.

The page refreshes to display the document:

You can now print or download the document.

Note: You will be automatically logged out of the sharing portal after 15 minutes of inactivity. To view the document again, go through the above steps again.

Print or Download a Shared Document

You can download any document shared with you from the sharing portal:

1. Open the document from the email sent to you. For more information on how to do this, see above.

2. Click Download PDF in the top right-hand corner.

A new tab opens with document in a PDF format.

3. Click either the print or download icon (depending on what you want to do) in the top right-hand corner.

4. Complete the print or download process as you normally would.

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