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Overview of the Semble Public API
Overview of the Semble Public API

Basic information about the Semble Public API and GraphQL

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This article is for software developers and IT admins who want to integrate the Semble Public API into their own systems. Our updated API reference can be found here.

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What is the Semble Public API?

The Semble Public API allows clinics to take certain data and functionality from Semble, and then incorporate them into their own existing software. It is available to all Semble clinics free of charge.

The Semble API uses GraphQL as its API standard. For more information on GraphQL, see below.

There is a Semble API endpoins that you can post GraphQL requests to:

How could a clinic use the API?

There are many ways that your clinic could use the Semble API:

  • Reporting: Retrieve deeper analytical data than the Analytics page on Semble can normally show

  • Bespoke booking systems: You could have your own booking system present on your website, which uses your own UI and has custom questions. When a patient books an appointment through your system, however, the appointment could be forwarded to Semble so that the rest of the management process takes place there instead of on your website

  • CRM flows: Insert Semble into your marketing and sales flows. For example, every time a new patient is created in Semble, that information could be sent to your CRM application where an opportunity could be generated there

  • Application integrations: If your clinic has a feature need that Semble does not yet provide, then you could incorporate your Semble database into another app so that you get the functionality from the app, while keeping your patient records consistent

  • And much more

Semble does not build bespoke solutions for clinics, however we do know
that a number of our clients have used other third-party organisations to
successfully assist them with their software development.

Contact our Customer Success team at for more information.

Note: Semble accepts no responsibility or liability for the goods and services provided by third-party companies.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL (GQL) is a new API standard that provides a more efficient, powerful, and flexible alternative to REST. It is rapidly becoming more and more popular in software development, as it allows clients to precisely request the data they need for their APIs, meaning that there is no risk of over-fetching or under-fetching data.

GQL has its own type system that's used to define the schema of an API. As there are no fixed endpoints or data models in GQL, new abilities can be added to an API without creating breaking changes. This allows multiple versions of an API to be rolled out much faster than with the REST standard.

You can visit to access free learning resources and community support for GQL.

Signing in

To use the Semble API, you must first sign into the Semble server. To learn how to do this, see here.

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