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Insert GP Details into a Letter
Insert GP Details into a Letter

How to insert an external General Practitioner's details to a patient letter

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Your practice may need to send a letter to a patient's external General Practitioner (GP). You can insert their details as another recipient in the letter using letter templates.

Note: To create and manage letters, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Letters and Letter templates. For more information on roles, see here.

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Add a GP as an External Contact

Before you attempt to insert a GP's details into a letter, you must first add them as an external contact for your practice. You can do this from the Contacts page:

1. Click New.

2. Fill in the Basic details of the GP.

3. Scroll down to the Contact details section, and enter an Email for the GP.

This email address will be where patient letters will be sent to.

4. (Optional) Fill out the rest of the GP's details.

5. Click Save.

The GP will appear on the Contacts page. You can edit the contact at any time.

Insert GP Details into a Letter

When you have added the GP as an external contact to your practice, you can insert their details into a patient letter.

1. Create a recipient block for a letter template. For information on how to do this, see here.

2. Create a new letter for the patient who has the external GP. For information on how to create a new letter, see here.

3. Select the GP from the Copied in recipients dropdown menu.

4. Insert the template that has the recipient block, into the text editor.

5. Finish writing the letter as you normally would.

6. Click Save.

If you now view the letter, the GP's details will appear where the recipient block was inserted:

You can edit, share, or print letters at any time.

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