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How to create a medical procedure as a bookable product, and how to link a unique Healthcode code for billing

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This article for how to make a procedure into a bookable product, and optionally how to link a particular Healthcode code to that product for billing. For information on how to integrate Healthcode with Semble, see here.

Note: To create procedures and codes, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Products. For more information on roles, see here.

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Create a Procedure

You can create a procedure as a bookable product from the Products page:
1. Click New in the top left-hand corner.

2. Open the Type dropdown menu and select Procedure.

3. Fill out the basic details of the procedure.

4. Make sure you have ticked the This product can be booked in the calendar box.

5. Fill out the Booking options for the procedure.

6. (Optional) Add a Healthcode code. For more information, see below.

7. (Optional) Add any contract pricing you want for the procedure. For more information on contract pricing, see here.

8. Click Save.

The procedure is added to the Products page.

Note: Before you attempt to make a booking with this product, you must make sure it is linked with both a location and clinician. For more information, see here.

Configure Healthcode for a Procedure

If you have the Healthcode integration set up, you can set up a specific billing code for a procedure at any time from the Products page:

1. Select the procedure that you want to link Healthcode with.

2. Click the edit icon.

3. Scroll down to the Healthcode section, and select the codes you want from the dropdown menus:

4. Click Save.

Now when you submit an invoice for this procedure, it will be billed using the codes you have set.

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