Semble Browser Requirements

Which browsers are compatible with Semble?

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This article outlines all the current browser requirements and information for Semble. We make use of some of the latest advancements in browser technology to deliver some of our more cutting edge features such as video consultations.

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Supported Browsers

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend using a Chromium based browser. Semble tests and supports the latest releases of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (desktop and Android mobile)

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari (desktop and Apple iPhone/iPad)

  • Microsoft Edge

Note: Some features may be limited on mobile devices.

Non-supported Browsers

The following browsers are not compatible with Semble:

  • Internet Explorer

  • Non-chromium versions of Microsoft Edge

These browsers lack the features and tools for a good user experience.

Video Consultation Information

Whilst some of the features in Semble will work on unsupported browsers, Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) will not. WebRTC is the technology that allows you to have video calls and consultation using a web browser. For the best experience, we recommend using the following browsers for the following devices:


Best Browser

Windows (laptop or PC)

Google Chrome

macOS (iMac, Macbook)


iOS (iPhone, iPad)


Android (phone, tablet)

Google Chrome

Note: On Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), WebRTC only works with Safari.

WebRTC is not implemented on Internet Explorer. In 2015, Microsoft announced that it will not add any features to Internet Explorer as it is at the end of its life. It is therefore very unlikely that WebRTC will ever be part of Internet Explorer.

Since 2015, Windows ships with Microsoft Edge and it also does not include WebRTC. Microsoft announced that it will no longer continue to develop the Edge browser. Instead it will adopt the Chromium engine used by Google Chrome that includes WebRTC.

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