When you generate a report such as the 'Medical Records' report, only patient IDs will appear, and not the names of the patients. This is for security reasons. You can find out the name of the patient by replacing the patient ID of a patient's medical record in the URL.

Note: To generate reports and find out the name of a patient from their ID, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Analytics and Patients. For more information on roles, see here.

Find Out the Patient Name from the Patient ID in a Report

You can find out the name of a patient from their ID number in a generated report at any time:

1. Highlight and copy the patient ID from within the generated report.

2. Go to the Patients page in Semble.

3. Select any patient.

4. Highlight the patient ID in the browser URL. The patient ID is located in between patient/ and /summary :

5. Paste the copied patient ID into the URL to replace the current one, then press enter on your device's keyboard. The page refreshes and will redirect you to the patient summary page linked with the patient ID from the generated report:

For more information on how to generate reports, see here.

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