With Semble, you can generate reports to view and extract data from your practice. For an overview of the Analytics page, see here.

Note: To generate and download reports, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permission for Analytics. For more information on roles, see here.

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Generate a Report

You can generate a report at any time from the Analytics page:

1. Scroll down to the Reports section.

2. Choose the type of report that you want to generate, and pick a date range for Semble to pull data from.

3. Click Generate report.

A .CSV file is downloaded in your browser. You can open it as you normally would with any .CSV file.

Report Types

There are many different types of report you can generate:


The 'Debtors' report shows all the invoices which are overdue by more than 30 days:


The 'Invoices' report shows any invoices generated regardless of status within a given time frame:

The status of the invoice is either active (invoice exists) or void (invoice has been voided).

Invoice Details

The 'Invoice Details' report gives more details on the invoiced item, such as the product type, the item code, the quantity, cost and price:

Invoices by Practitioner

The 'Invoices by Practitioner' report contains a summary of the items and the total charged by each practitioner:


The 'Payments' report contains records of any payments made to your practice. It contains information such as the invoice date, the payment date, the payment type and any outstanding payments:

Payments Aggregated

The 'Payments Aggregated' report gives a record of the total number of different payment types at the practice locations and the overall money which has been paid through these payment types:

Patient Data

The 'Patient Data' report contains details on the patients such as the patient name, DOB, gender, email, occupation, address and membership name (if applicable):

You can pull reports for all patients, or pull reports depending on any labels you may have assigned to your patients by selecting the label title from the drop down list:

For more information on assigning labels to patients, see here.

Medical Records

The 'Medical Records' report contains a list of all medical records from consultations recorded on the system. Each medical record is recorded as a single entry in the report:


The 'Bookings' report contains a list of all the bookings made at your clinics:

The status of the booking is either active (booking exists) or cancelled (booking has been deleted). Use the billed column to see if the booking has been invoiced for which is indicated by a 'Yes' or 'No'.


The 'Labs' report contains a list of all the labs that have been ordered, their status, order number, provider and the patient ID for whom the lab was ordered for:

The 'Products' report contains a list of all your products and information such as the product type, item code, tax information, stock level etc:


The 'Letters' report contains a list of all the letters that have sent to patients contacts:

Prescribed Drugs Aggregated

The 'Prescribed Drugs Aggregated' report is a total count of prescribed drugs:

Prescribed Drugs


The 'Tasks' report contains a list of all added tasks regardless of who they are set by and assigned to:

Note: The time period within which the tasks are pulled will only pull tasks which due date is within that time period.

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