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Overview of Unmatched Labs

How to manage and match your unmatched lab results

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Unmatched lab results happen when your practice receives a lab test back, but they do not match any patient on your Semble system. This can happen if you ordered the test over the phone, or a mistake was made in the processing of the request.

For information on how to delete an unmatched result, click here.

Note: To fix unmatched labs, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Labs and Patients. For more information on roles, see here.

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Why is a lab result 'unmatched'?

A lab result may appear unmatched in Semble as a result of how it was ordered. Use the chart below to see why your lab may be unmatched:

Did you order the lab within Semble?

Which request form did you use?



Semble's generated form

Matched results


Use own lab form but used the correct lab number

Unmatched results


Used own lab form with Semble source code

Unmatched results


Used own lab form with no source code relating to Semble

Results will not appear in Semble and will be only received by email


Your practice is integrated with a hospital that sends lab results (pathology and PDF reports) to your Semble account

Unmatched results

Fix an 'Unmatched' Lab Result

You can fix an unmatched lab result from the Labs page:

1. Select the unmatched result that you want to fix.

You are taken to the following page that will have all the details of the lab result:

2. Search or select a patient from the right-hand side to match the lab result to. If the patient is not on your system, you can click Add new patient to create them.

3. Click Assign the lab to this patient.

The lab result is linked to the patient's record, and no longer appears as 'unmatched'.

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