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Overview of Tasks
Overview of Tasks

Create and manage tasks for your practice

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Tasks are a way for your practice to note down and track things that need doing for your day-to-day running of Semble. You can view and manage your practice's tasks from the Tasks page in Semble.

Note: To view and manage tasks you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Tasks. For more information on roles, see here.

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View Other User's Tasks

You can see the tasks of other users in your practice by setting a filter on the Tasks page:

1. Click the filter icon next to the Assigned to heading in the task table:

2. Tick the other users who you want to view the tasks of.

3. Click Filter.

The tasks of the selected users appear.

You can change this filter at any time by following the same steps as above.

Create a Task

You can create a task at any time from the Tasks page:

1. Click New task.

2. Fill in the compulsory details of the task in the New task window:

  • Task name

  • Assign to: Select the user who will do the task

3. (Optional) Complete the other task details:

  • Patient: Link the task to a patient

  • Due date: Set a date for when the task needs to be completed by

  • Type: Select what type of task it is

  • Priority: Give the task a priority

  • Comments: Type any additional notes about the task

4. Click OK.

The task is assigned to the user and will appear on their Tasks page. For information on how to edit or delete a task, see here.

Note: If you want to see the tasks of other users in your practice, then you must set your viewing filter.

Update a Task's Status

You can update a task's status, such as marking it as 'Closed' at any time from the Tasks page:

1. Click the status button next to the task that you want to update the status of.

2. Choose a status.

  • Open: The task has not been started

  • Processing: The task is being worked on

  • Closed: The task is marked as complete

The task updates with the new status:

You can change the task's status at any time by following the same steps as above and selecting a different status.

Track task changes with timestamps

In order to stay up-to-date with any changes made to the tasks, the task is automatically generates timestamps when created or edited, so the user knows who has made changes and when:

Within the patient file, tasks are ordered by status first (open, closed etc), then by due date.

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