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Overview of Invoices
Overview of Invoices

How to view your invoices and configure your organisation's invoice settings

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Any user assigned as a Manager, Practitioner, or Medical Assistant, can view the Invoices page. If you want to learn how create a new invoice, then see here.

Note: If there are other custom roles in your organisation that you want to be able to view, create, and edit invoices, a Manager must enable invoice permissions for them. For more information on roles, see here.

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View invoices

To view all your organisation's invoices, go to the Invoices tab:

With a specific invoice you can:

  • Click on the invoice number to view it

  • Pay: Record the payment of an invoice

  • More options: Click the three dots next to the Pay button to access more options

Organise your Invoices page with the buttons at the top:

  • Show only active: Select which invoices this page displays

  • Date created: Choose in what order you want the invoices displayed

  • Search: Type the name or surname of a patient to find a specific invoice

Click New in the top left-hand corner to create a new invoice. For more information, see "How to create an invoice".

Configure Invoice and Payment settings

To configure your organisation's Invoice and payment settings, you must be a Manager, or have the correct permissions enabled for your role. For more information, see here.

Go to the Settings page, then select the Invoice and payment tab.

From here, you can configure the following settings. Any changes you make are automatically saved.


  • Auto invoice: Turning this on allows for automatic invoicing of patients with membership schemes

  • Invoice future bookings: Turning this on will automatically pull future bookings into invoices

  • Users can edit invoices for: Set how long invoices are allowed to be edited for

  • Lock invoices until: Stop anyone in your organisation from voiding or editing invoices up to a chosen date. Payments can still be put through.

Invoice details

Choose which patient details appear on every invoice by ticking and unticking the boxes.

Payment terms and bank details

Type the payment details of your organisation as you want it to appear on all invoices. Note: Remember to click the tick icon to save any changes you make:

You can also click the cross icon to reject any changes.

Payment Types

This is a list of all the different ways a patient or insurer can pay for an invoice. You can click Add payment type at the bottom of the page to add a custom payment type.

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