This article is for medical secretaries and system managers who want to learn more about contacts. For information on how to create, edit, and delete contacts, see here.

Note: To view contacts, you must have a role assigned to you that gives you editing permissions for Contacts. For more information on roles, see here.

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About Contacts

Contacts are external people and organisations who you can add to your Semble system. There are many use cases for adding an external contact:

  • Emergency: An emergency contact for a patient or member of your practice

  • Pharmacy: Share digital prescriptions to an external pharmacy

  • Insurer: A person or organisation who covers the billing for a patient

  • Specialist: A medical professional belonging to another practice who a clinician may want to get a second opinion from

  • Miscellaneous: A person or organisation who provides a non-medical service for a practice. For example, a coffee supplier

View Contacts

You can view your external contacts on the Contacts page:

Click on a contact to view their profile:

On the left-hand side you can access the following tabs:

  • Summary: The main information page for the contact. Here you can see their contact details, the access groups that they are a part of, and any notes about them

  • Account statements: Generate a monetary account statement for them

  • Invoices: View, pay, and print any invoices that are linked to the contact. For more information on invoices, see here.

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